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The following are all "relatives" to the Thailand site in that they have the same author ... being yours truly.
My first site was born on the 24th April 2000 after Virgin.Net sent me a "Webmonkey" guide to writing websites in HTML code. It is a huge photo album and has a Links page that I use everyday myself. The site was later edited in AOLpress then Frontpage 2000, Anfy FX and PSP and is currently 54 pages and 7 mb.
The Tim James 1 man Blues Band:  After getting the Family website on the road I suddenly started getting a lot of gigs as a blues singer and decided to put "a couple of pages" together as an advert, launching the site on the 8th May 2000. The response was amazing and the site took on a life of its own, growing to 78 pages, 11mb and the story of my life.
A duo of ace guitarist John Alderson andmyself which started playing again in September 2000 and resulted in this site being launched on the 5th October. Due to other commitments we only played twice last year but here's hoping 2002 will see us playing more.
The website of my son's internet cafe in Udom Suk, Bangkok, which opened in February 2001 and was highly successful until competition opened 100 yards away, at 1/3 of our rock bottom prices. How did they do it? ... they were related to the landlords and paid no rent. We still had more customers than our competitors but our profit margins could not withstand any reduction in sales and we sold the computers in May while they still had a value.
My son now sells peanuts in Bangkok. Our competitors later went bankrupt and their leading light committed suicide ... a sad story for all involved.
I spent a fortnight in April 2001 writing this site as a demo for the accountancy firm I partly owned until my retirement. In my opinion their existing site was worse than pathetic - and they were embarrassed by the abusive e-mail they had received in this respect from a local university. Nevertheless they apologised for the fact that had already contracted to someone else. I hate to be churlish but last time I looked at it was still unfinished. 
Yep, that's 6 sites including the one you're on ... and you don't need to be the Brain of Britain to figure that this page is an advert for anybody who wants to make it 7. Interested? ... click here to e-mail me.

Maybe number 7 ... let's see
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