To my mind one of the great blues singers, composers and pianists of all time.
See elsewhere in this site for more details.
Mose is still too busy gigging (at age 74) to be into websites. Hence this link takes you to the Blues Agency database ... or try the AMG link on this page.

One of the few good things to come out of the charts in the last 10 years


The ultimate music database - try it and see.

Most famous for the single "This Wheel's on Fire" with Julie Driscoll which is now the theme music for the TV show AbFab.
Always overlooked for his quality as a jazzer and superb, original hammond organist.
Still performing with "Oblivion Express" featuring his sons and daughters. But there have never been any free rides in Auger's bands and if his kids are in they must have earned their places. The website tells all

If you've got to ask, where have you been?

An excellent showband who started out in the late 70s and are still going strong. They now do show tunes which ain't my cup of tea ... but they do' em well and are a class act.
See elsewhere on this site for pictures and a potted history ... or go to their official website.


the magazine, not the band

The website of Jim Pryal's party band Inferno, who play old fashioned (and new fashioned dance music

Okay, you could argue that he was idealistic, bombastic, stupid ... but let's face it he was totally unique

A tribute band fronted by singer/harpist  Keith Lambert who do what they do excellently.
This site seems to have been "under construction" for a long time but it has great photos, the line ups on which tell the story of this forgotten hero who was a major force behind British blues and rock
Neol Davies, of Selector, wrote some great songs and played great blues in the late 90s. with Box of Blues. What's he doing next? ... keep your eyes on his site to find out.
an unofficial site of Miles Davis, one of the most unmistakable sounds in jazz or any form of music, and he's played most of them.

Well, if you've already wandered this site you won't need any explanation of this unbiased plug.

The website of a band who are still gigging with a better line-up than they've ever had, a truly class act.
The site is constantly changed and upgraded by my old mate Mick Smitham.
It's hard now to believe that this unlikely looking guy was the forerunner of Elvis, Hendrix, LedZep, the Stones et al. Bill Haley was the first to put Rock & Roll in the white charts
Learning to play blues harp? Listen to this guy, who also has his name on the world's finest instruments

A great Stones 60s website - from when they played the blues
The greatest female singer/songwriter that ever lived - in my humble opinion

The King of the Blues
Muddy Waters
The Tubes, in my opinion one of the heaviest, funniest, best choreographed and most musical bands of all time. Their official website is just as weird as they were in 1974 when they first surfaced. 

The Not Even Close to Official Beatles Web Page is a piece of old fashioned insanity. For something sensible go and search the Net for yourselves

... and finally the website of Chilli Dog Slim , about whom I have no intention of trying to make sane commentary

... what can you say? ... an ace original guitarist who has played and recorded some memorable music in the last 20 years or so

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