Faded Bums
Newbiggin Central Club, 17th November 2000

the Bums from Newbiggin, who opened the show and were:-

  • Mick Smitham (from Coventry) on guitar
  • Malc Harker (from Stockton) on bass
  • Paul Hooper on drums, percussion and MC (well it was his lady's party)
  • Jason Thompson on percussion and drums
  • Tim James (from Coventry) on vocals, harps, horns and photos (which is why there are no pictures of him)

This sparkling impromptu band was formed on the night and, bearing in mind they were jamming (making it up as they went along) played 2 remarkable sets of rock, soul and blues.

... remarkable because it's a wonder they could stand up!

For other non-musical views of this party and drunken weekend click here to be whisked away to my family website which features such things - or below for more sordid options.


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