Faded Danny

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Danny & the Heart-Throbs at their barnstorming Lanchester Arts Festival performance in June 1971.

1. A collage of the photos taken, of which somebody somewhere must have the originals?

2. Jet James Superstar can be seen posing on his own picture and with a saxophone flying over his head on the collage. A good job the other 2 horn players were there to play "notes".

 "Danny", alias Paul Moreton, is clearly visible, as are Malc Harker on drums, Tony Fletcher (I think) to his right on congas. The "Throbettes", alias Bob Jackson & Paul Hooper can be seen screeching  their hearts out, a pity we can't see their borrowed dresses, wigs and pit-boots. I cannot recall  who the rest of the band were but I do remember a tremendous night that I managed to get through without playing a single note. Not many people knew that ... until now

A shame that these seem to be the only remaining pictures. If anybody has any other pictures of this event, please e-mail me copies, they would fit splendidly into this "collection". 

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