Faded House  


  Favourite pictures that hang in my house Sorry, your browser doesn't support Java(tm).

1. A 75p print of an unplayable saxophone, given by Paul Hooper. The frame & non-reflective glass cost me 75

2. An Indonesian Buddhist image, given by ex "Streetworm" editor Phil Kilvington. Where are you Phil?

3. An unkind 5th anniversary card given by John Alderson in 1991, which suggests that I "float off" to gigs carrying just a sax while my wife Nat carries all the heavy stuff. Totally untrue ... I don't carry saxophones!

4. See "lion-table logic". This is a cuckoo clock that hangs in my house, therefore it is a picture!

5. A wooden clown picture, bought home for me by my mum while on holiday in Corsica. Do you think that she was trying to tell me something?

The title page is simply my living room fire, in front of which I love warming my feet after a cold day .... 

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