Faded Duo
Sorry, your browser doesn't support Java(tm). Pictures of myself and John Alderson playing as accoustic duo at Dolly's 80th Birthday party on Saturday 16th September 2000 at Reindeer Road, Fazeley, Staffs. What a wonderful address !
The setting is a tent in the back garden.
The audience is 30 odd people of all ages.

John & I have since started going out as the Last Fair Deal, please visit our website

re the photos, Dolly is obvious, the blonde with John is the lovely Diane, Dolly's daughter. On the picture of the food table you can see John's mum behind the little girl. Don't ask me how we got the wierd & wonderful effect on the first picture of me - I can only think that it's cigarette smoke, or maybe the barbecue.

John is, of course, a showman at heart. The lady who appears to be clapping her hands at his feet is in fact sitting at the table that he is standing on ! See the Tavern pictures for more details.

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