Faded Geordies

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... the Newbiggin Town Fayre, Northumberland, 6th August 1996.

I pretty much kicked the day off at 11.30 am, before the hoards had arrived, and was followed onstage by the remarkable Hillbillies from Outer Space.

The audience pictures include a little boy watching my show, but was he doing what it looks like he was doing? Also Barbara Hooper with Nat James oggling someone or other on the stage - it wasn't me because I took the picture.

There was an enormous variety of entertainment, brass bands, comedians, jugglers, blues singers, harley-davidsons, and great pubs selling great beer inhabited by great people!

Top of the bill were ShowaddyWaddy, a band who, to me, had nothing to offer in their heyday and manage even less now!  The crowd loved them and they drew a lot of punters so I suppose I have to say "well done"..

Finally came the world's longest line dance, at over a mile, stretching right back into the distance and achieving a place in the Guinness Book of Records. A fine end to a splendid day, after which I played "the Top Ship" in the evening ... phew!

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