Faded Smack

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Starting in 1977, the earliest pictured incarnation of "Smackee", previously known as the "Eyes of Blue". Far left Mick Smitham, then Rodney Joyce, the 2 hairy guys in the middle (names not known) and Barry Walker, far right.

After the name-change Barry replaced the hairy guys with a couple of very attractive girl singers, pasted smiles on everybody's faces, and the new-look "Smackee Cabaret Act" was born.

Hence 1979, the "new-improved" image. What a transition - the girls, Carol & Dawn Glenville, could sing too! Now I'm a blues singer  ... cabaret & Julie Andrews were never my strong points, but I have to admit that the show was slick and professional. Barry has always featured excellent musicians including Mick, Paul Hooper, Ricky Medlock, Terry Bown and many others.

The last photo in this collection was 1981 (and it seems like yesterday) but the band is still going strong today although now playing "show-tunes" which leave me absolutely cold. But in this respect I'm a philistine who could happily tell you where and with what to string up Andrew LLoyd Webber, who is probably "sir" Andrew now!
Notice the positions of Smitham's hands as soon as the girls appear

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