Faded Aquaintances

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No, this is not some great ego trip

I simply thought, looking through old photographs, that the lasses on these pictures could compete on any terms with those on the previous pages

So this is my tribute to them. Bear in mind that, prior to these photos being taken, they have not just been pampered by an army of make-up artists. They had been swimming, or drinking, or washing up, or had just got up in the morning, when real beauty is clearly apparent.

The 2 Hilarys get 2 pictures each in recognition of the fact that they each inspired me to do the previously unthinkable (on separate occasions) and propose marriage to them. They both said "yes" ... but not to me ... and that was the last I saw of them.

After these incidents I nursed my broken heart with (a lot of) alcohol and eventually returned to my old safe singular lifestyle ... until 1985 when I met Nat. We married the next year at the start of the best 17 years of my life. I did consider putting her last in the list but worried about whether she would consider it a compliment.

So you get the Dive Bar barmaid instead. This was the fancy dress night when I went as a Chinese DJ. But had there been votes I know who'd have got my fancy dress prize. What was she "fancy dressed" as?

Don't know, don't care ..

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