Faded Tic Toccery

Sorry, your browser doesn't support Java(tm). The  Tic Toc, Hill Street, Coventry, 29th November 1991

Pictures by Simon, a cool young dude who, unlike most photographers I've come across, thought I looked best with a blues harp, rather than a saxophone, stuck in my mouth. 

Funny, but looking at these I can smell the place, a smell that hadn't changed in the 25 years since I last played there (as the Orchid Ballroom) with the Boll Weevils. It was always a place with great atmosphere, this time "red" atmosphere, the photos have not been tinted.

Which is very apt because it was right on the edge of Coventry's prime "red light district". I always thought it was a shame the way the bouncers treated the girls like lepers and wouldn't even let them come in to shelter from the rain. They were just "working girls" who would come and chat to you (without any "come-on") while you were loading gear in or out.

They could never believe how little we got paid for the night, obviously we were in the wrong line of business.

I think I played there twice in the main hall, once in the projection room bar, once for Greenpeace in the foyer - and I DJed a few times for Streetworm as well. They were all remarkably good-time, memorable gigs. Maybe one day in another 10 years it'll re-open playing music again, I'll cross my fingers and have my wheelchair ready.


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