Live at the BBC

"The Posh Palace" - Priory Place, Coventry
9th September 2005

Pete Chambers invited me to appear on his "Pop into the Past" slot on BBC Radio Coventry & Warks - and I in turn invited John Alderson (guitar) and Paul Hooper (percussion) so as to give the BBC the novelty of some live music.

And "live" it was - no rehearsals, no sound checks - just walk in the studio, take out your instruments, play, answer a few questions, then get out.

Anyway, everyone involved (us, the DJ, the producer, the BBC staff and the audience) seemed to enjoy it .

I managed to get hold of a recording and have made a commemorative CD, the sleeve of which is shown opposite. If you're interested in buying it for a mere fiver, just e-mail me and I'm sure we can come to some delivery arrangements. Sorry but not being a professional "seller" I have no credit card or Paypal systems in place.

Songs played were Back on the Road Again, She Belongs to Me and the Keys to the Highway. The CD includes the individual tracks, the whole show slot (music and interviews) and 3 bonus tracks on  which I performed with Carey Duncan, the Stone Foundation, and Ra Ho Tep between 1978 and 1998.


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