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The Religious Page

I first wrote this page after the shock of the September 11th massacre caused me to have a rant at Osama Bin Laden who has since been eliminated.
So, as I have a religious page, let's try the big question:-

Do I Believe in God?
... depends on what you mean by "God"
Do I believe in any of the formal religions - No! ... because I don't necessarily believe what appears on the internet today let alone writings from 2000
years ago.
Christianity revolves around the bible. The diehards believe both the new and old testaments which contradict each other and themselves. "An eye for an eye" versus "Thou shall not  kill" ... and so on.

Furthermore the Old Testament suggests that the universe was created by God about 4000 years ago which science proves is simply not true. "Ah" say the diehards this is a trap reated by God to test our faith". So God created us with talent, ability and some degree of common sense and will then punish us for using them? This is contradicted by the "talents" parable in which Jesus suggested that we should use all of the ability we have.
But if God created the Universe and put us at the centre of it what is the rest of it for? Why are the rest of the planets revolving around the sun  ... as scenery? May I remind you that there are a few hundred billion stars in the Milky Way galaxy and a few hundred billion galaxies. And the distances between them are, to say the least, immense. The nearest star, Proxima Centauri, is 4 light years, some 25 trillion miles away - and that is a mere stone's throw - the furthest sighted galaxies are hundreds of billions of light years away. So why create this lot to put the "chosen race" in the middle of it - and our eyes tell us that we are not in the middle as such. Doesn't make sense does it?

And, of course, carbon dating tells us that the Earth was created 4.5 billion rather than 4000 years ago. If the life of this planet were a day, we humans would appear  in the last ouple of seconds. So what was God doing for the rest of the day before the "chosen race" came along?

The great religions themselves do not obey their own rules, never have and never will. Look at the bloodshed since time began, including the crucifixion of Jesus himself, the slaughter of the Spanish Inquisition and the current slaughter by Islamic fundamentalists, all supposedly done "in the name of God". None of the holy books say this is OK, but the great religious zealots claim to understand God's wished better than we do - although we only have their word for having been instructed as such. If there is a God why has nobody ever seen him?

If there is a God is he a nice bloke?
Well let's look at what he's supposedly given us:

  • A planet that is hit by asteroids every million years or so, the last of which eradicated 90-odd% of all life on Earth
  • A whole range of natural disasters like volcanoes which are capable of, and have decimated life on earth, and will again!
  • Illnesses, viruses and genetic defects which result in innocent children suffering in the most horrible way
  • The only certainty that we will degenerate and eventually terminate with what, in the majority of cases, be an unpleasant and painful death
  • Does He know the future? If he does it's because he's created it - and hence the past also. In which case He created all of the nasty things that have happened on this planet, and are still happening - just look a the news every night.
  • If He doesn't know the future then makes us some sort of celestial soap opera for His entertainment - over which He has no more control than we do

Do I Believe in Jesus?
Yes, absolutely - one of the greatest prophets of all time with the greatest message, as recorded in 4 different books. The problem is that all these books were written some time after his death and, just like the story of Robin Hood, suffer from the intervention of fable and legend. But the basic message and teachings of the man are too unique to have been invented

Do I Believe that Jesus is the "son" of God?
Why would an eternal, infinite being have children, which are simply a means for life on this planet to continue. You don't need to ensure your continuance if you're infinite.
Who said Jesus was the son of God? Jesus himself did - but it was and is quite normal for people to refer to their God as their father, parents being the ultimate reason for their being alive.

Do I Believe in Life after Death?
Absolutely. Look at your children - created by you, a part of you in their genetic makeup and their day to day upbringing. When you die they carry on where you left off. You don't have children? - well sorry but "tough luck"
The notion that everyone goes on to another form of life is simply absurd. People change both physically and mentally during their lifetimes, especially at the end when things like Alzheimer's can change them completely. So what "passes on"? - their spirit at an earlier age? - but they may have been unpleasant people then. And where do we go to? - it must be getting mighty full. And is it only human beings who pass on? - even though we've only been around for the blink of an eyelid in the history of the planet.

Does science have the answer?
Just switch n your TV, take out your mobile phone or hop on an aeroplane to see how clever scientists are.
But ask the "big question" as to how the universe was created and you are given the answer of the "Big Bang", as a result of which an atomic sized "singularity" exploded into our universe. So where did the singularity come from? No answer. This theory arises because all of the galaxies seem to be moving apart at a hell of a rate of knots and all seem to be moving apart from a central point. The single reason for this supposition is that all distant light displays the "red shift" its spectrum. But if the red shift is caused by something else then this theory falls flat. May i remind you that scientists don't understand gravity and, to make the universe make sense, have had to invent the concept of "dark matter", a mystical substance that cannot be seen categorised or identified but without which the universe can't exist - which adds up to an awful lot that we don't know.

Furthermore scientists can't tell you how life first arose. "Ah", they say, but things have crashed into the Earth from outer space containing the fossils of amino acids, which are the building blocks of life. But countless laboratory experiments have been carried out to try and make amino acids come alive, without success. So it is no doubt possible for hardy living  bacteria to fly through space on asteroids, collide with the Earth, and end their hibernation - which doesn't answer the question of how they were created in the first place.

Do I believe in Evolution?
Absolutely - just look and you can see the evidence in fossils, as well as the obvious trail in different species of current living beings. But go back to the beginning and you are looking at single celled organisms that reproduce by dell subdivision. So how did the "subdivision" mechanism arise - by the random accident that first created life? - that seems to be  a hell of a complex "accident". The fact that all living beings die makes sense- they have to make room for their offspring. But how does the "survival of the fittest" account for this tendency? Then look at the complexity of sexual reproduction and consider whether this came about by sheer chance.

It seems to me that there is an enormous complex "pattern" to life and that someone somewhere either created it or understands what did and why. Call that being a "God" if you will, although I simply don't believe that the God watches over, or is remotely interested in each and every one of us. I do believe that the universe is infinite, has no beginning or end, even though I find infinity hard to grasp as a concept. I find it hard to see how our stewardship of this planet can continue without the our race's destruction, either by ourselves or by the great galactic forces that constantly threaten us. However, I do not believe humans to be the end of the evolutionary chain and have no doubt that whatever supersedes us will probably get closer to the answer.


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