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So who is the world's smallest dog?
"Big Boss", a 4 inch Yorkshire terrier who lives in (where else) Bangkok, Thailand.
 This and gallons of other useless information in the FREE online Guinness Book of Records.
Is there anyone who can honestly say they have never enjoyed a James Bond film? Well here's a site of useless data on the Bond films, music, cast, crew, girls, cars, gadgets, out-takes etc etc etc. Utterly stupid, pointless, ... and riveting. 
I always said I would never include a golf site unless it was one that would appeal to non-golfers as well as the addicts like myself. Well, sorry ...
Ever wanted top learn the guitar? I have - but a skin condition called psoriasis stopped me. Hot off the press, this looks like a damn good site which I hope to have a go at one day.

Jump" the Shark" refers to the moment when a TV program goes past its Sell-By date. A US site that features a lot of UK stuff.

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