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2007 gigs

I started off the  year on New Year's Eve doing 3 "stand up"  numbers with a harp at Pattaya Garden Resort, Thailand - the only gig I've ever had to pay to get into - but it was a nice meal.

I came back and did some tracks for Barrs' Hill schoolkids' A-Level projects - and this got me the present job teaching the Blues for Coventry Education Department. Oh Dear, I'm a teacher ...

Other than that I've done a few gigs with the excellent Joe Beale Band.

... and I did perform live at the BBC 2 years ago ... click the sleeve for more info ...

Recent Gigs:

... which used to be on this page are now moved to Gigs 21st Century

This Picture ?

 ... well, I normally put all the latest posters on this page - but as there are presently none I decided to brighten it up with a bit of "clip art" from Quick & Easy Windows, November (2001) Edition, entitled "nostalgia". Click the picture to enlarge.

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