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minolta.jpg (20569 bytes)The camera in the background is a Minoltaflex twin-lens reflex, a 1950s copy of a swiss Rolleiflex. In those days there were no built in meters or flashguns - and color film was rare! Photography was by the seat of your pants, in this case with "120" film and 12x two and a quarter inch negatives per roll. If you had access to a darkroom (which I did at school) you could (and still can) get fantastic quality black & white prints. I must confess that I haven't used this camera for years, you get lazy when there's a pocket-sized 35ml zoom Canon in the family and buying & processing "historic" films is difficult and expensive. Click the thumbnail for a full-sized picture of the Minolta.

It is, of course, fascinating to think of the Japanese copying (or virtually cloning) other people's products. This camera was a gift to my Dad by some Japanese customers of Coventry Gauge & Tool, the company he worked for. The company sold thread-grinders to the Japs - which they promptly copied and sold back to us!

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