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Yes, ridiculous isn't it! DJing at the Dive Bar in 1987 for somebody's fancy dress party. I went as a chinaman, with black wig and other nonsense. My wife Nat, being of  Thai origin , found the task a lot easier. But this was showbiz ... until somebody said that I looked like Bruce Forsyth ... which was beyond a joke! Mind you, the barmaid was no joke.

My personal favourite, at the Colin Campbell on the 19th December 1970 with Ra Ho Tep ... when I was 30 years younger. People say it's hard to make out what's going on. Very true, but that's just what it was like at the time. The photo was black & white but it's a bit faded now so I tinted the yellow bits blue to smarten it up a bit

Salvaged from a photocopy of a press cutting from the Coventry Express, 28th May 1965

Joe Craner and myself sat in a hayfield at Wolston prior to a Boll Weevils gig in a barn for the GEC apprentices 

The incredible hulk in the background is Steve Bentham, whose picture has, over the years, sadly been completely obliterated by the centre fold of the newspage, as has my nose!

The gig was a typical GEC gas, and any further descriptions of this event have been censored in the interests of good taste

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Barry Smale and Fred Liggins, sat in a Wolston hayfield prior to a Boll Weevils gig for the GEC apprentices, see above for more details.

The newspaper centrefold photocopies obliterated Steve Bentham and left Barry with a clear head on the left page and body with distorted head on the right

So I took the "left" head and moved it to the "right" body ... but if you look closely you will see that his head is a little too big for the rest of him

Sorry Baz, it's the best I could do

The alto sax Fred is holding is the same one as in my pictures above, the foolish man later sold it to me

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Picture courtesy of Sky Magazine.

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