Odds & sods of Pictures 2

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Well, would you buy a used car from this man? Mick Smitham at my house in Hollyfast Road in the early 80s.

I am trying to get a picture of  him at his most grotesque, in the early 70s, so that I can create a scrolling "superman-like" transition from the wimp to his present format. For an instalment of this nightmare, click here

I just need his help with the software.

In the meantime, click the picture to go to his "Fortunes" incarnation

Rog Lomas, nowadays record producer, engineer, mixer. But don't be misled, although he won't admit it, Rog can still play raunchy guitar with the rest of 'em.

Picture stolen from the Fortunes website

Mick Smitham and Rodney Joyce, late 70s, from a Smackee poster, the full size photo of which is available elsewhere in this album

The new millenium, Perth, Australia, the grand reunion of the Fortunes and Phil Street, who is, I think, another candidate for the "scrolling transition" from Noddy to Big Ears.

So having got past the polite bit they all then proceeded to get legless (and brainless) on Tooeys (or whatever it is that they drink over there) and then be thoroughly obnoxious to each other. And they ALL now claim that it was someone else's fault.

In 30 years, very little changes! ... and for that matter this is another stolen picture from the Fortunes website

One of the very few photos of Cyril Davies, blues singer and harp player, from about 1963 and the cover of the album, "R&B from the Marquee, Alexis Korner's Blues Incorporated". The album is still obtainable on CD and is superb. On guitar is, of course, the legendary Alexis Korner.

And now, what has become the great picture quiz! I already have a movie quiz but so what, the more the merrier.
Who are these ridiculous looking people from the early 70s?

According to Mick Smitham, it's Dek McConkey, himself, Jim Pryal and Jim Finlay in a tennis court at Warwick University?? Sorry Mick but it doesn't look like a tennis court to me.

Any more offers?

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