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Mick Morris and wife Theresa hosting "Captains' Day" at  Purley Chase Golf Club, Nuneaton, England, 15th July 2000, featuring the Tim James one-man Blues Band, Max Holliman, and the Purley Chase Swingers

It was a splendid day, even if I did play lousy golf

Well done Mick, and Di Beckley, the lady captain, for all of your hard work

The beefburgers and beer after the 9th were excellent and ought to be there every week

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35 Hollyfast Road, January 1975, shortly after Andy Scott finished building it and I moved in, hence the slightly "vacant" appearance. I had previously lived in a detatched maisonette which was fine for the first 3 years until the guy downstairs, and his aged parents, moved in. Suddenly the riotous parties and sound of rehearsing rock bands had to stop ... so I sold it, moved out and stayed in Steve North's attic until this place was finished. Not as big as it looks, only one bedroom and a garage bigger than the maisonette ... but no neighbours for 50 yards in any direction and the front view was of Bablake School playing fields. This house saw some good times, I once counted 100 issued glasses at one of the parties, and there were people drinking out of bottles and cans. However many times I emulsioned it I could never get the stains from an exploding beer barrell off the kitchen ceiling. It was in this house that my health went down the pan, with a few hundred gallons of sugar (literally) ... I wonder ...

... and my favourite guitar, a red mexican Fender Telecaster, bought 3 years ago, after the best part of 40 years wait.

I can hardly play it, but I love it! James' Law has taken it onstage a few times. My problem is psoriasis which gives me fragile skin on my fingers, a great shame 'cos I'd love to be a guitarist

The only thing is, I wish it was "sunburst" colour. I tried repainting the picture but gave up ...too difficult!

click to see a "sunburst" strat

My brother Pete and nephew, David James, don't they look alike! They're even wearing the same tie (nearly)

Pete was instrumental in helping me get my first PA system and go on to many years of musical obscurity, albeit with immense enjoyment

Now David has the visible talent to become a great golfer and, from what I've seen and heard the talent to become a musician ... but he's hellbent on playing cricket!

Oh my god, the insanity of youth.

This picture was taken October 1999 at my son Kit's wedding, a laid-back registry office job with a superb party at the Standard Club, Tile Hill Lane, Coventry, for which I am proud of him. See the family website for further details.

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