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You have already won a Jaguar for just coming here, just click the picture opposite to collect it


First Prize


A trip for two to the nearest galaxy on the first available fare-paying shuttle (subject to you taking our travel insurance, payable in advance, for the premium applicable at the time). Click the Earth for preview ...


The Competition



To Enter



All you now have to do is telephone, when you'll be diverted and buggered about so that you pay at least £10 for the call and I'll get rich. Then, when you figure out that any moron could answer these questions and, effectively, all that's happening is that names are going to be drawn out of a hat ... and telephone another 10 times entering the wife, kids, dog, goldfish (trying to disguise your voice for each new call) ... I'll be even richer! All calls to my partner and agent, Mr A Blair, 10 Downing Street, London (like the price of petrol, cars, alcohol and tobacco this is a government-sponsored rip-off)


2nd Prize (for cheapskates)

A smutty weekend with 6 gorgeous girls (or 4 blokes if you're female or "that way inclined") arranged to your convenience


To Enter on the cheap

You can do this by telepathy! Simply take 2 teaspoons, one in each hand, beat the rythym while singing the answers to the tune of "The Sound of Music". Done that? ... well don't worry, your family will by now have arranged for the "big yellow taxi" to cart you off to the nut-house. Just explain about the competition, they'll understand ...


The Cheapskate Results


Got your spoons ready?
Right ...Congratulations you've won! Simply click the thumbnail opposite to get your prize. Don't worry, the funny-farms normally allow the use of computers at the weekends, but you'll probably have to pay the telephone charges ... about which I'm saying nothing!

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